“Sewing ties is not only our goal but it’s our mantra. For decades needle and thread stitched together tradition and technology. For decades women’s hands repeated simple movements, but dense. Everyday simple people repeat simple gestures full of sincerity and passion now alligned with the rhythms CNC machines and computers… Never losing the softness of the silk we love to use.”

Rocco Cazzato



Alba is the tie factory of the new millennium and it’s able to follow modern tends and needs of fashion. Cazzato family, the founder Biagio and his children, continue to follow the past tradition of the company in the new 1700 square meters building believing in the same values that shaped the factory: respect, passion and efficiency.
The package of ties and accessories for third parties remains the top priority. The original enthusiasm, which brought the Cazzato family to occupy a prestigious position among the manufacturers of ties, has remained unchanged. Biagio and his children are surrounded by great man and women first. They lead a team of collaborators to ensure the highest quality of ties and accessories, on-time service and guaranteed customer support in every phase of production. Modern technologies of CAD-CAM cut and packaging machines are balanced from the taste of our handmade experience.



“Alta Moda”

Cravattificio Alba is located in Puglia.
It is a family-owned laboratory specialized in the manufacture of neckties and high fashion accessories for men. Alongside the traditional ties, in fact, we added different men’s accessories: bow tie, tuxedo belt, plastron, clutch bags and vests.
Our lab creates high-end products, Liba is fully tailored. Cravattificio Alba is a modern and innovative company and is the last project from Cazzato family, that creates ties with passion and dedication since 1972.



Innovation Through Technology

Phosfluorescently engage worldwide methodologies with web-enabled technology. Interactively coordinate proactive e-commerce via process-centric “outside the box” thinking.



Industrial Production

With the growing request of Made in Italy products Cazzato family activities reached industrial proportions transforming the workshop in an industrial factory.
They start to produce for Northern Europe, Japan and North America going up to several millions ties per year. But today liquid market forced the family to radically change the factory to a much more flexible structure.


Growing Worldwide

During the 80’s Germany, Holland, but especially the United States start to produce their ties in Corsano, relying on a great professionalism of the workers and a production flexibility.
In these period several workshops flaurished supporting our production and following our philsophy.




It was 1972 when Biagio Cazzato started a small tailoring business. He moved from corsano to Milan living his wife at home that was expecting the first child Rocco.
His only strength was the art learned at the time of his apprenticeship as a tailor in their home village of Capo di Leuca. He bets by exploiting those very robust skills. Then he had the chance to make some ties for a client in Milan. Using a piece of an old tent and it’s creativity he was able to present his collection and receive the first order of 50 ties! Then he went back home where he created a workshop with Reparata.