Passion and skill, technique and craftsmanship, simplicity and sophistication, tradition and modernity come together in our purpose in life: to create a unique style … our ties! L ‘company as a family, in which everyone can enjoy the benefits of a rewarding job. Respect for people, the surroundings and the relations based on respect and mutual respect are the basis of our daily lives, and have allowed us to date to always be competitive in the market.

Our work is a constant balance between tradition, having the production process of accessories for men a great incidence of manual skills and tailoring, and modernity, because our production lines have constantly need to be updated with the latest machinery.


Handcrafting ties and accessories for third parties is our main aspiration; You can see the commitment we have for our clients from the highest product quality, the fast service and the support at all stages of production.

Our experience allows us today to help our clients on creating custom collections, searching tissues, colorings and designing.

Our love for special friends

We all love where we live and we truly believe that respecting the environment and helping it to improve is one of the main responsibilities we have.
Respecting people and the culture you’re in comes with the passion and love we have for making ties.
So taking care of stray dogs is one of the funniest and happiest things we all do in our company. Taking care of them is a relaxing and responsible activity that helps them finding friends and helps us relax and living our workspace in a modern and cozy way.
Our mantra is: respect can be carried out in different ways, in a deep union with what and who’s around you.



“… The current trend in the evolution of the planet depends not only on the inexorable laws of nature, but it is the result of deliberate actions acted by man toward nature. Man has decided his own destiny and it relies on his will.
That’s why now he has to change the vision he has of the world… ”

“Human Economy”Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, Kenneth Boulding e Herman Daly
Caring for the environment is as much important as caring for our employees.


For this reason we constantly check the life cycle of our products, and although there are no dangerous processes for the environment (we do not use chemicals and there is no spillage of sewage and pollutants) we constantly work to create a sustainable growth of our company.


In 2012 the company has adopted a photovoltaic system with a very low impact of 50 kWh, which covers most of our needs. We have been able to completely modernize the heating & cooling systems with modern conditioners that are completely powered buy our photovoltaic system since2014.
In March 2015 we have done another step towards reducing our environmental impact.
Global lighting has been converted to LED lighting system.
This system has been very important since it reduced pollution but improved the life quality inside our company, from offices to the factory.

The employees, in fact, enjoy a more relaxed condition and also benefit from a color rendering index of 94% of all environments.
This is very helpful since we work with fabrics and colours are one of the main aspects we deal with.
Since we are devoted to Made in Italy lamps are designed and manufactured in Italy with CE certified components. They respect all of the requirements in terms of sustainability, durability and traceability of components.
Environmental and social responsibility is an essential aspect of doing business today, the planet tis asking us to change to preserve the present in order to have a sunny future on our beloved Earth.