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Cravattificio Alba

Made in Italy since 1956

Cravattificio Alba was born in 2005 as a small workshop for making ties and counting on the experience and of Cazzato family.
Mr and Mrs Cazzato have been working in tailoring ties since 1972.
In a few years the company increased from 15 employees up to 38 today, of which 32 work in the workshop.


I was born in April 1972 when my mother Reparata and my father Biagio have just started a new workshop for sewing ties.
They didn’t know at that time that it was going to be the reason of our lives quite soon.

My earliest childhood memories are related to the family business, and you can say that I grew up in a fascinating world made of silk, needle and thread, sweet and sincere people and long lasting relationships.
Today, forty years later, I fill like I’m working in a family. Enthusiasm, passion and simplicity grew up in me as well as interest in new technologies and innovative experiments.
We hope we can let you fill this atmosphere where craftsmanship and technique, heart and brain merge to create unique products.