Some thing inside the voice have worried her: “Are that which you ok?


Some thing inside the voice have worried her: “Are that which you ok?

Almost smiling now, Homer seems to have enjoyed the fresh new disturbance (14

that she would be frustrating a family gathering (12.4). “I’m alone” (several.5), the guy replies. Do you need let?” (several.6). “Everything’s okay, Felicity, most. If there is you to definitely child in top condition from the entire condition, you’re talking-to him! The simple truth is!” (twelve.6). Homer was unsettled from the name, however,, in the event that Homer’s test during the lightness

Fig. 5. Pictures reflect the brand new layout to talk about the new character’s disconnected fact. From Cosey, SaigonHanoi (2000), web page 12; Cosey © Versions Dupuis, 2007.

doesn’t ring true towards the audience, new sarcasm regarding his react appears shed on the man. Carrying the existing-designed cellular telephone for the kitchen area, Homer takes out a drawer and you will reveals a cabinet-body language even more physical than just meaningful. With this invasion of your own outside world, Homer’s in to the community was disconnected: mimicking the layout for the sorts of comic-guide page, brand new lines

of your white home cabinets (a dozen.4) and also the open, compartmented cupboard (several.5) apparently separate your kitchen area into the structures and gutters, but the story it give stays indecipherable, very much like the phone conversation (figure 5).